Shooting in Oak Creek

The news reports today are talking about a deadly shooting in Oak Creek Wisconsin, which is near Milwaukee. It sounds as though at least 6 are dead. The suspected shooter is also reported to be dead from police gunfire. There have not been names released but the tragedy occurred at Sikh temple, which is a religious temple, where people were gathering for prayer service. I have not heard any indications as to the reasoning behind the shooting or what provoked it. You can find more info here - This awful situation has to make a person wonder, why do these things tend to happen in close proximity to similar occurrences? Almost like a trend, really. I think the country needs to start working to recognize mental illness better and find resources and ways to help those people get what they need to be functioning citizens. I believe that a good first step would be working on the health care system for people like that, who truly do need help and medication. It has been reported that the young man who is suspected of shooting up the theater in Colorado was seriously mentally ill and had actually wrote about his intentions before acting them out. In other words, that whole awful situation could have been prevented. I would have to also speculate that the man who shot Gabby Giffords (sp?) & the others in Arizona could also have been prevented, as the shooter was obviously mentally ill. It seems as though this type of thing is happening more and more in this country and it needs to be addressed and dealt with.


This guy in the Oak Creek thing had some serious issues! A white supremacist, I didn't even think that crap existed anymore! What is wrong with these people, my God!
I saw this guys stepmom on TV saying how he was such a good boy, when she knew him. So what the hell happened to the guy? How does a person do a 180 like that and go around shooting ppl? I do think that most of the people who go on shooting sprees are mentally unbalanced, but, I don't see any way to rectify it in the near future. This country is just too messed up!

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